New Series of Live Streamed Classes by our Experts dedicated to developement on hard and soft-skills

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Free Access until 31.05.2020

Class1 - How to engage with staff and utilizing their potential?

by Daphne Beers

Live Masterclass 24.03.2020 12pm CET

How to engage with people that matters the most in your company.

Engage with staff: a different perspective Be challenged to engage.

Loyalty is created in these times.

Showing your true colours in these challenging times

Class2 -Mindful Sales- "How to convince everyone?"

by Zsuzsanna Albrecht

Live Masterclass 31.03.2020 12pm CET

Selling that pen to everyone? 

Class3 - Sustainable Hospitality by Maribel Esparcia Perez

Live Class 07.04.2020 12pm CET

How to design better policies to meet the industry Systemic Challenges
At the end of this Masterclass you will be able to recognize international environmental and social challenges that affect your business directly or indirectly and how to take action.to mitigate them.
Sustainability Megaforces,Supply Chain Considerations in Tourism & ,ESG risks & SDG’s

Class4 - Social Media Marketing by Natasha Adams

Live Class 14.04.2020 12pm CET

Class5 - Public Speaking by Kim A. Page

Live Class 21.04.2020 12pm CET

Class6 - 5 Pillars of SEO Content

Live Class 28.04.2020 12pm CET

Class 7 -Mindful Time Management by Severine Obertelli

Live Class 05.05.2020 12pm CET

Class 8 -Synergies Between Hospitality and Tech Sales by Benedicte Ollagnon 

Live Class 012.05.2020 12pm CET

Class 9 -Your Voice Your Power by Kim A Page 

Live Class 012.05.2020 12pm CET