Call for Papers : Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism

The papers will be part of the Special Issue for the Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism

Re-purposing tourism: Engaging our radical in tourism education leaded by TEFI Tourism Education Futures Iniciative.

We are pleased to support this project, in which Daniela Freund, a wonderful person and a valued member of our community, participates.

This is an open call to all members of our community, we are looking forward to seeing your published papers!

Here you have all the details. Do not hesitate to contact with the Journal if you are interested in contributing your papers:

Contributions are invited that embody the reflection on “purpose” within a wide range of thematic areas.

● ACTIVATING purpose in teaching and research

● ENGAGING tourism education in the next economy and tourism

● NARRATING the future through purpose

● RADICAL generosity – in teaching, developing community partnerships, and providing world making opportunities for students

● PURPOSEFUL tourism - intentional and value-driven business models

● INSPIRING intentional community development for social change

● EDUCATING for purpose - Moral dimensions of teaching, learning, and sharing knowledge

● CHALLENGING our purpose - Honesty and integrity in our teaching practices

● REVEALING systemic racism in tourism – using our courses to co-learn and combat racism

● DELIVERING purpose - Social entrepreneurship in tourism and tourism education

● REFLECTING on how tourism may contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically, SDG 4 Quality Education

● EMPOWERING change-making– Resistance, survival, and purpose in higher education

● CO-CREATING value with colleagues and community partners

● ACKNOWLEDGING the differences in incentives for tourism engagement among stakeholders and the potential for synergies between them

● PROACTIVE PLANNING of the ephemeral academic involvement in long term community development

Official invite document:

CfP TEFI SI FINAL 08 05 20
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