Community Survey and 2021 WHTT Updates 🎉

We're excited to see the WHTT Community growing every day – we are more than 5,000 already. Thank you for your support and active participation in all our community discussions on LinkedIn.

Our team has been working hard to introduce some amazing new projects and updates with you. These will help us keep supporting WHTT's mission to enable professional growth for women and underrepresented groups via education, mentorship and career development.

Community Survey: Help us shape WHTT

Our chapter leaders need your feedback  we would like to invite you to complete this short questionnaire so that we can better understand your motivations to join us and grasp how you wish to see, drive and evolve the content offerings at WHTT over time.

New WHTT Chapters

WHTT community is growing steadily. We're happy to introduce new chapters that are going to support the growth of our membership base locally and globally, along with our already existing chapters. Don't forget to connect with our chapter leaders:

New LinkedIn Live Series

We're kicking off a few new LinkedIn Live Series and continuously adding new topics to our existing Live events.

NEW: Mondays in Spanish

Mondays in Spanish is a one-to-one format series, hosted by WHTT Barcelona chapter, where a guest shares their life in a personal and human tone, from experience, to help people connect more with themselves and empower their personal brand to day to day challenges. – Watch every Monday on LinkedIn.

NEW: Discover Hospitality

In this series Hosted by Maria Malaniia, we will discover the “hidden” jobs and careers in the hospitality industry. – Watch the kick-off episode on December 10: Career counselling and advisory.

Revenue HACKS

Revenue HACKS is a weekly interactive LinkedIn Live series on WHTT, hosted every Wednesday by our Super Team – Susanne Williams, Khristina Ridge & Berengere Bohan. We share practical, real value advice on Revenue Management strategies. Watch all new episodes every Wednesday on LinkedIn.

Follow WHTT on LinkedIn and invite your connections to join the community.

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