Innovation in Hospitality at 360º key element for the new post COVID-19 normality

On Jun 4th, WHTT Weekly LinkedIn Live episode brought us a discussion about 360º innovation in every way, emphasizing the new Post COVID-19 normality.

The amazing round table counted with:

✔️ Victoria Fabio , VP People & Culture Boqueria Restaurants

✔️ Yoram Biton, Managing Director Leonardo Hotels

✔️ Aimée Gaudin , Head of International Marketing Smartech Retail Group

✔️ Matthijs Welle CEO @MEWS

A high qualified professionals round table, which I had the honour to moderate.

We toured through the concept of Innovation, what it is and what role it will play in the face of the new post-covid normality. In addition, we talk about fears of innovation, but also about innovative initiatives and advice for our audience on how to take the first steps towards innovation.

Here I leave you a summary by topics.

General framework:

  • Innovation is playing a key instrument to face the "New Normality".

  • We must rely more than ever on creative collaboration with our employees, customers and steakholders.

  • Innovation is being aware and awake. Communication platforms for customers & employees, company culture, transparency and creativity.

  • Innovation is to trace the last trends. Turn to and invest in automation, finance, revenue. Innovation is revenue in it self.

  • Innovation is to be brave, think out of the box, innovation is in all of us, we are all innovating at some level.

  • To innovate through third parties out of the industry cooperation agreements.

  • Innovation is to prior the long tems results to fears. Hear all innovating ideas but discard bad ideas fast. Improve your budget to the maximum.

  • Innovation is triying to step out smarter of this crisis.

  • Decide if you want to be a leader or a follower.


  • This pandemic will significate employment destruction and talent drain to other industries.

  • We need to find other ways to work, mixing models.

  • It is important to take care of the work force during this pandemic. Strong corporate culture, beef up our core values, employees expectations & transparency are crucial.

  • Innovation shoulf not forget offline workers, generations counts.

  • Add value to the employees, e-learning during the pandemic, apply new technologies to the staff.

  • Staff mental wellbeing is fundamental.

  • Innovate in how to bring people back to work after this.

  • Creativity is vital to innovate, we need to let our people be creative. Innovation needs diversity in gender, races, ages...


  • A safe trip will be essential, any mistake can be fatal. We have to use innovation to adapt to the new rules of the game.

  • We will see an increase of Vitual experiences & spaces.

  • Think about what are we selling to our customers, and if is that what they want.

  • Hotels should learn from costumers in this new situation post pandemic.

  • Guests are looking for accommodation away from urban centers even if they lose comfort.

To learn more about the discussion, we encourage you to watch the video on Youtube!