Leadership in Hospitality help wanted for PhD thesis questionary.

Hello WHTT Community!

My name is Theresa Hecht and I’m a current PhD in Business student. My PhD topic is

Leadership in Hospitality: Impact on Employee Performance and Green Management Practices Implementation.

For my data collection, I need help from some amazing women in leadership positions!

Whether you have previously worked in leading positions in the hospitality and tourism

industry or are currently doing so, I would highly value your contribution and input!

I have included instructions on how to complete the questionnaires onthe Google Forms links and my contact information in case you are willing to interview with me and take part in my focus group, here:

  • No personal data of any person participating in this data collection will be disclosed anywhere.

  • I am attaching instructions on how to complete the questionnaires and the Google Forms links with the questionnaires for leaders and subordinates.

  • I need 200 leaders (for example, general managers, department managers or managers of corporate offices) and 200 subordinates from the hotel and tourism industry who could complete the questionnaires.

  • The perfect, but not mandatory scenario would be a leader and her/his subordinates who fill out the questionnaires, to get both perspectives (the one from the leader about him/herself and how the subordinates evaluate their leader).

  • If there are questions that do not apply, please indicate “NA” (not applicable). Also, please leave a comment at the end of the questionnaire to elaborate on your specific scenario if clarification should be required.

Image credits: Nick Fewings on Unsplash

In case a question arises about the questionnaire, please do not hesitate to contact me at Theresa.Hecht04@gmail.com

The data collected with the answers of these questionnaires are intended to contribute to the result of my research conducted towards my doctoral thesis.

I highly appreciate your help and value your time dedicated to respond to the questionnaires. Thank you for your valuable contribution to my doctoral thesis.

Questionnaire 1 – Assigned to Leader:

The purpose of the first questionnaire, created for the leader, aims to investigate the leader’s industry he/she works in, the leaders demographic information, cultural background, emotional intelligence, leadership traits, the relationship between the leader and subordinate, the leaders job satisfaction, work motivation, and leadership style of the leader from the perspective of the leader.

It will take you a total of 20min to fill out the survey via the following link:


Questionnaire 2 – Assigned to Subordinates:

The purpose of the second questionnaire, created for the subordinates, aims to investigate the employees industry he/she works in, the employees demographic information, cultural background, the employees job satisfaction and work motivation, the relationship between the subordinate and the leader and the leadership style, emotional intelligence and leadership traits of the subordinates leader from the perspective of the subordinate.

It will take your subordinate a total of 15min to fill out the survey via the following link: