WOMEN Episode 4 Social Media Success

Updated: Jun 11

Followed by the discussion on Guest Experience & Expectation Economy we are continuing our journey in that field. Our latest round table, on the 23rd January at 2 pm CET is about Social Media Success.

In our fourth episode we are discussing with our panel of experts different angles of social media in the hospitality and travel-tech industry.

What is the impact of the different platforms in 2020? What is TikTok? How do I use social media to get to communicate with our customers and reach new ones. How do you stay up to date, Dos and DON'Ts.

Join Paulina Held Social Media Manager at H-Hotels, Natasha Lawrence, Project Director at Contiki Travel , Romain Baron , Marketing Director at MEWS Systems and Soledad Abella Content Creator at The Barcelona Diaries

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